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100% Azo Free Felt Cat Houses

Made by experienced Nepali craftsmen using pure 100% azo free New Zealand wool, our felt cat houses are chemical-free. These cats’ homes do not cause any harm to their health and the environment at large.

Easily Cleanable Felt Cat Houses

Our felt cat caves can be easily washed. The cleaning can be done through hand washing with cold water or dry cleaning or spot cleansing as per your need. It is now easier than ever to maintain a tidy and comfortable area for your pets.

Durable Felt Cat Caves

Our wool cat caves do not fray due to being thick and felted, this makes it durable that will last for years.

Secure and Cozy Indoor Cat Houses

Characterized by mother’s love, our felt cat houses provide safety and warmth for your pets. This allows the older ones to rest well because they do not get disturbed by noise resulting from outside activities.

Felt Cat Houses That Fit Any Space

With a fashionable look complementing any space in your home or office, our felt cat caves can be placed anywhere you want.